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Cholinotoxic effects of β-amyloid(1-42) peptide on cortical projections of the rat nucleus basalis magnocellularis

Harkany, T., Lengyel, Z., Soós, K., Penke, B., Luiten, P. G. M. & Gulya, K., okt. 9 1995, In : Brain research. 695, 1, p. 71-75 5 p.

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β-Amyloid(1-42) affects cholinergic but not parvalbumin-containing neurons in the septal complex of the rat

Harkany, T., De Jong, G. I., Soós, K., Penke, B., Luiten, P. G. M. & Gulya, K., nov. 6 1995, In : Brain research. 698, 1-2, p. 270-274 5 p.

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Synthesis and investigations of -amyloid peptides and their fragments

Penke, B., Zarandi, M., Varga, J., Laskay, O., Soôs, K., Jost, K. & Latzkovits, L., dec. 1 1997, In : FASEB Journal. 11, 9, p. A972

Research output: Article


Synthesis of tritium-labelled β-amyloid fragments

Gulyás, É. C., Soós, K., Varga, J., Tóth, G. & Penke, B., aug. 1 1998, In : Journal of Labelled Compounds and Radiopharmaceuticals. 41, 8, p. 763-771 9 p.

Research output: Article

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β-amyloid(Phe(SO3H)24)25-35 in rat nucleus basalis induces behavioral dysfunctions, impairs learning and memory and disrupts cortical cholinergic innervation

Harkany, T., O'Mahony, S., Kelly, J. P., Soós, K., Törõ, I., Penke, B., Luiten, P. G. M., Nyakas, C., Gulya, K. & Leonard, B. E., febr. 1 1998, In : Behavioural Brain Research. 90, 2, p. 133-145 13 p.

Research output: Article

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An FT-IR study of the β-amyloid conformation: Standardization of aggregation grade

Szabó, Z., Klement, É., Jost, K., Zarándi, M., Soós, K. & Penke, B., nov. 19 1999, In : Biochemical and biophysical research communications. 265, 2, p. 297-300 4 p.

Research output: Article

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Solvent effect on aggregational properties of β-amyloid polypeptides studied by FT-IR spectroscopy

Szabó, Z., Jost, K., Soós, K., Zarándi, M., Kiss, J. T. & Penke, B., máj. 4 1999, In : Journal of Molecular Structure. 480-481, p. 481-487 7 p.

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β-Amyloid neurotoxicity is mediated by a glutamate-triggered excitotoxic cascade in rat nucleus basalis

Harkany, T., Ábrahám, I., Timmerman, W., Laskay, G., Tóth, B., Sasvári, M., Kónya, C., Sebens, J. B., Korf, J., Nyakas, C., Zarándi, M., Soós, K., Penke, B. & Luiten, P. G. M., szept. 25 2000, In : European Journal of Neuroscience. 12, 8, p. 2735-2745 11 p.

Research output: Article

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Beta-amyloid peptide-induced blood-brain barrier disruption facilitates T-cell entry into the rat brain

Farkas, I. G., Czigner, A., Farkas, E., Dobó, E., Soós, K., Penke, B., Endrész, V. & Mihály, A., jan. 1 2003, In : Acta histochemica. 105, 2, p. 115-125 11 p.

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Molecular pathomechanisms of Alzheimer's disease

Penke, B., Datki, Z., Hetényi, C., Molnár, Z., Lengyel, I., Soós, K. & Zarándi, M., dec. 29 2003, In : Journal of Molecular Structure: THEOCHEM. 666-667, p. 507-513 7 p.

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Enhanced G-protein activation by a mixture of Aβ(25-35), Aβ(1-40/42) and zinc

Molnár, Z., Kovács, P., Laczkó, I., Soós, K., Fülöp, L., Penket, B. & Lengyel, I., jún. 1 2004, In : Journal of neurochemistry. 89, 5, p. 1215-1223 9 p.

Research output: Article

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Enhancement of NMDA responses by β-amyloid peptides in the hippocampus in vivo

Molnár, Z., Soós, K., Lengyel, I., Penke, B., Szegedi, V. & Budai, D., júl. 19 2004, In : Neuroreport. 15, 10, p. 1649-1652 4 p.

Research output: Article

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In vitro model of neurotoxicity of Aβ 1-42 and neuroprotection by a pentapeptide: Irreversible events during the first hour

Datki, Z., Papp, R., Zádori, D., Soós, K., Fülöp, L., Juhász, A., Laskay, G., Hetényi, C., Mihalik, E., Zarándi, M. & Penke, B., dec. 1 2004, In : Neurobiology of Disease. 17, 3, p. 507-515 9 p.

Research output: Article

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Pentapeptides derived from Aβ1-42 protect neurons from the modulatory effect of Aβ fibrils-an in vitro and in vivo electrophysiological study

Szegedi, V., Fülöp, L., Farkas, T., Rózsa, E., Robotka, H., Kis, Z., Penke, Z., Horváth, S., Molnár, Z., Datki, Z., Soós, K., Toldi, J., Budai, D., Zarándi, M. & Penke, B., ápr. 2005, In : Neurobiology of Disease. 18, 3, p. 499-508 10 p.

Research output: Article

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Endomorphin-2, an endogenous tetrapeptide, protects against Aβ1-42 in vitro and in vivo

Szegedi, V., Juhá, G., Rózsa, É., Juhász-Vedres, G., Datki, Z., Fülöp, L., Bozsó, Z., Lakatos, A., Laczkó, I., Farkas, T., Kis, Z., Tóth, G., Soós, K., Zarándi, M., Budai, D., Toldi, J. & Penke, B., jún. 1 2006, In : FASEB Journal. 20, 8, p. E324-E333

Research output: Article

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Potassium-dependent oriented growth of amyloid β25-35 fibrils on mica

Karsai, Á., Grama, L., Murvai, Ü., Soós, K., Penke, B. & Kellermayer, M. S. Z., aug. 29 2007, In : Nanotechnology. 18, 34, 345102.

Research output: Article

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Synthesis of Aβ(1-42) and its derivatives with improved efficiency

Zarándi, M., Soós, K., Fülöp, L., Bozsó, Z., Datki, Z., Tóth, G. K. & Penke, B., febr. 1 2007, In : Journal of Peptide Science. 13, 2, p. 94-99 6 p.

Research output: Article

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Differences between normal and alpha-synuclein overexpressing SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells after Aβ(1-42) and NAC treatment

Hunya, Á., Földi, I., Szegedi, V., Soós, K., Zarándi, M., Szabó, A., Zádori, D., Penke, B. & Datki, Z. L., márc. 28 2008, In : Brain Research Bulletin. 75, 5, p. 648-654 7 p.

Research output: Article

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Oriented epitaxial growth of amyloid fibrils of the N27C mutant β25-35 peptide

Karsai, Á., Murvai, Ü., Soós, K., Penke, B. & Kellermayer, M. S. Z., szept. 1 2008, In : European Biophysics Journal. 37, 7, p. 1133-1137 5 p.

Research output: Article

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Thermally-induced effects in oriented network of amyloid β25-35 fibrils

Kolsofszki, M., Karsai, Á., Soós, K., Penke, B. & Kellermayer, M. S. Z., dec. 1 2008, Colloids for Nano- and Biotechnology. Horvolgyi, Z. & Kiss, E. (eds.). p. 169-173 5 p. (Progress in Colloid and Polymer Science; vol. 135).

Research output: Conference contribution

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Controlled in situ preparation of Aβ(1-42) oligomers from the isopeptide "iso-Aβ(1-42)", physicochemical and biological characterization

Bozso, Z., Penke, B., Simon, D., Laczkó, I., Juhász, G., Szegedi, V., Kasza, Á., Soós, K., Hetényi, A., Wéber, E., Tóháti, H., Csete, M., Zarándi, M. & Fülöp, L., febr. 1 2010, In : Peptides. 31, 2, p. 248-256 9 p.

Research output: Article

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