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Increased adaptation of an energy willow cultivar to soil salinity by duplication of its genome size

Cseri, A., Borbély, P., Poór, P., Fehér, A., Sass, L., Jancsó, M., Penczi, A., Rádi, F., Gyuricza, C., Digruber, T. & Dudits, D., szept. 2020, In : Biomass and Bioenergy. 140, 105655.

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Timely removal of exogenous cytokinin and the prevention of auxin transport from the shoot to the root affect the regeneration potential of Arabidopsis roots

Bernula, D., Benkő, P., Kaszler, N., Domonkos, I., Valkai, I., Szőllősi, R., Ferenc, G., Ayaydin, F., Fehér, A. & Gémes, K., febr. 1 2020, In : Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture. 140, 2, p. 327-339 13 p.

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AtCRK5 protein kinase exhibits a regulatory role in hypocotyl hook development during skotomorphogenesis

Baba, A. I., Andrási, N., Valkai, I., Gorcsa, T., Koczka, L., Darula, Z., Medzihradszky, K. F., Szabados, L., Fehér, A., Rigó, G. & Cséplő, Á., júl. 2 2019, In : International journal of molecular sciences. 20, 14, 3432.

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Crk5 protein kinase contributes to the progression of embryogenesis of arabidopsis thaliana

Baba, A. I., Valkai, I., Labhane, N. M., Koczka, L., Andrási, N., Klement, É., Darula, Z., Medzihradszky, K. F., Szabados, L., Fehér, A., Rigó, G. & Cséplő, Á., dec. 2 2019, In : International journal of molecular sciences. 20, 24, 6120.

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The Arabidopsis glutathione transferases, AtGSTF8 and AtGSTU19 are involved in the maintenance of root redox homeostasis affecting meristem size and salt stress sensitivity

Horváth, E., Bela, K., Holinka, B., Riyazuddin, R., Gallé, Á., Hajnal, Á., Hurton, Á., Fehér, A. & Csiszár, J., jún. 2019, In : Plant Science. 283, p. 366-374 9 p.

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Arabidopsis NAP-related proteins (NRPs) contribute to the coordination of plant growth, developmental rate, and age-related pathogen resistance under short days

Barna, B., Gémes, K., Domoki, M., Bernula, D., Ferenc, G., Bálint, B., Nagy, I. & Fehér, A., febr. 2018, In : Plant Science. 267, p. 124-134 11 p.

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The Arabidopsis ROP-activated receptor-like cytoplasmic kinase RLCK VI_A3 is involved in control of basal resistance to powdery mildew and trichome branching

Reiner, T., Hoefle, C., Huesmann, C., Ménesi, D., Fehér, A. & Hückelhoven, R., jan. 1 2014, In : Plant Cell Reports. 34, 3, p. 457-468 12 p.

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Identification of genes preferentially expressed in wheat egg cells and zygotes

Domoki, M., Szucs, A., Jäger, K., Bottka, S., Barnabás, B. & Fehér, A., 2013, In : Plant Cell Reports. 32, 3, p. 339-348 10 p.

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Barley rop binding kinase1 is involved in microtubule organization and in basal penetration resistance to the barley powdery mildew fungus

Huesmann, C., Reiner, T., Hoefle, C., Preuss, J., Jurca, M. E., Domoki, M., Fehér, A. & Hückelhoven, R., máj. 1 2012, In : Plant physiology. 159, 1, p. 311-320 10 p.

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The histone phosphatase inhibitory property of plant nucleosome assembly protein-related proteins (NRPs)

Bíró, J., Farkas, I., Domoki, M., Ötvös, K., Bottka, S., Dombrádi, V. & Fehér, A., márc. 1 2012, In : Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. 52, p. 162-168 7 p.

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The phosphomimetic mutation of an evolutionarily conserved serine residue affects the signaling properties of Rho of plants (ROPs)

Fodor-Dunai, C., Fricke, I., Potocký, M., Dorjgotov, D., Domoki, M., Jurca, M. E., Ötvös, K., Ẑárský, V., Berken, A. & Fehér, A., máj. 2011, In : Plant Journal. 66, 4, p. 669-679 11 p.

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Plant Rho-type (Rop) GTPase-dependent activation of receptor-like cytoplasmic kinases in vitro

Dorjgotov, D., Jurca, M. E., Fodor-Dunai, C., Szucs, A., Ötvös, K., Klement, É., Bíró, J. & Fehér, A., ápr. 2 2009, In : FEBS letters. 583, 7, p. 1175-1182 8 p.

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Characterization of three Rop GTPase genes of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)

Szucs, A., Dorjgotov, D., Ötvös, K., Fodor, C., Domoki, M., Györgyey, J., Kaló, P., Kiss, G. B., Dudits, D. & Fehér, A., jan. 2006, In : Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - Gene Structure and Expression. 1759, 1-2, p. 108-115 8 p.

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Nitric oxide is required for, and promotes auxin-mediated activation of, cell division and embryogenic cell formation but does not influence cell cycle progression in alfalfa cell cultures

Ötvös, K., Pasternak, T. P., Miskolczi, P., Domoki, M., Dorjgotov, D., Szucs, A., Bottka, S., Dudits, D. & Fehér, A., szept. 2005, In : Plant Journal. 43, 6, p. 849-860 12 p.

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Why somatic plant cells start to form embryos?

Fehér, A., nov. 30 2005, In : Plant Cell Monographs. 2, p. 85-101 17 p.

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Phytoglobins can interfere with nitric oxide functions during plant growth and pathogenic responses: A transgenic approach

Seregélyes, C., Barna, B., Hennig, J., Konopka, D., Pasternak, T. P., Lukács, N., Fehér, A., Horváth, G. V. & Dudits, D., szept. 1 2003, In : Plant Science. 165, 3, p. 541-550 10 p.

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Specific features of RHO GTPase-dependent signaling in plants

Dorjgotov, D., Szücs, A., Ötvös, K., Szakonyi, D., Kelemen, Z., Lendvai, Á., Pónya, Z., Barnabás, B., Brown, S., Dudits, D. & Fehér, A., márc. 1 2003, In : Cell biology international. 27, 3, p. 191-192 2 p.

Research output: Article

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The role of auxin, pH, and stress in the activation of embryogenic cell division in leaf protoplast-derived cells of alfalfa

Pasternak, T. P., Prinsen, E., Ayaydin, F., Miskolczi, P., Potters, G., Asard, H., Van Onckelen, H. A., Dudits, D. & Fehér, A., aug. 2 2002, In : Plant physiology. 129, 4, p. 1807-1819 13 p.

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A novel aldose/aldehyde reductase protects transgenic plants against lipid peroxidation under chemical and drought stresses

Oberschall, A., Deák, M., Török, K., Sass, L., Vass, I., Kovács, I., Fehér, A., Dudits, D. & Horváth, G. V., dec. 1 2000, In : Plant Journal. 24, 4, p. 437-446 10 p.

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Multiple cyclin-dependent kinase complexes and phosphatases control G2/M progression in alfalfa cells

Meszaros, T., Miskolczi, P., Ayaydin, F., Pettko-Szandtner, A., Peres, A., Magyar, Z., Horvath, G. V., Bako, L., Feher, A. & Dudits, D., 2000, In : Plant molecular biology. 43, 5-6, p. 595-605 11 p.

Research output: Article

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An Arabidopsis cyclin promoter region is active in transgenic maize plants

Peres, A., Nikovics, K., De Almeida-Engler, J., Engler, G., Inzé, D., Fehér, A. & Dudits, D., 1999, In : Cereal Research Communications. 27, 3, p. 223-230 8 p.

Research output: Article

Meristem, cell division and S phase-dependent activity of wheat histone H4 promoter in transgenic maize plants

Bilgin, M., Dedeoĝlu, D., Omirulleh, S., Peres, A., Engler, G., Inzé, D., Dudits, D. & Fehér, A., máj. 7 1999, In : Plant Science. 143, 1, p. 35-44 10 p.

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Cell cycle phase specificity of putative cyclin-dependent kinase variants in synchronized alfalfa cells

Magyar, Z., Mészáros, T., Miskolczi, P., Deák, M., Fehér, A., Brown, S., Kondorosi, É., Athanasiadis, A., Pongor, S., Bilgin, M., Bakó, L., Koncz, C. & Dudits, D., febr. 1997, In : Plant Cell. 9, 2, p. 223-235 13 p.

Research output: Article

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A study of different (CaMV 35S and mas) promoter activities and risk assessment of field use in transgenic rapeseed plants

Pauk, J., Stefanov, I., Fekete, S., Bögre, L., Karsai, I., Fehér, A. & Dudits, D., febr. 1 1995, In : Euphytica. 85, 1-3, p. 411-416 6 p.

Research output: Article

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Isolation of a full-length mitotic cyclin cDNA clone CycIIIMs from Medicago sativa: Chromosomal mapping and expression

Savouré, A., Fehér, A., Kaló, P., Petrovics, G., Csanádi, G., Szecsi, J., Kiss, G., Brown, S., Kondorosi, A. & Kondorosi, E., márc. 1 1995, In : Plant molecular biology. 27, 6, p. 1059-1070 12 p.

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Differential activity of the mannopine synthase and the CaMV 35S promoters during development of transgenic rapeseed plants

Stefanov, I., Fekete, S., Bögre, L., Pauk, J., Fehér, A. & Dudits, D., 1994, In : Plant Science. 95, 2, p. 175-186 12 p.

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Production of transgenic maize plants by direct DNA uptake into embryogenic protoplasts

Golovkin, M. V., Ábrahám, M., Mórocz, S., Bottka, S., Fehér, A. & Dudits, D., 1993, In : Plant Science. 90, 1, p. 41-52 12 p.

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