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Detecting change in atmospheric ammonia following emission changes

Erisman, J. W., Bleeker, A., Neftel, A., Aneja, V., Hutchings, N., Kinsella, L., Tang, Y. S., Webb, J., Sponar, M., Raes, C., Mitosinkova, M., Vidic, S., Andersen, H. V., Klimont, Z., Pinder, R., Baker, S., Reidy, B., Flechard, C., Horvath, L., Lewandowska, A. & 4 others, Gillespie, C., Wallasch, M., Gehrig, R. & Ellerman, T., jan. 1 2009, p. 383-390. 8 p.

Research output: Paper

Linking ammonia emission trends to measured concentrations and deposition of reduced nitrogen at different scales

Bleeker, A., Sutton, M. A., Acherman, B., Alebic-Juretic, A., Aneja, V. P., Ellermann, T., Erisman, J. W., Fowler, D., Fagerli, H., Gauger, T., Harlen, K. S., Hole, L. R., Horvath, L., Mitosinkova, M., Smith, R. I., Tang, Y. S. & Van Pul, A., jan. 1 2009, p. 123-180. 58 p.

Research output: Paper

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Over which averaging period is the ammonia critical level most precautionary?

Sutton, M. A., Van Pul, A., Sauter, F., Tang, Y. S. & Horvath, L., jan. 1 2009, p. 93-99. 7 p.

Research output: Paper

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1 Citation (Scopus)

Hurricane relocation in global ensemble forecast system

Liu, Q., Lord, S., Surgi, N., Zhu, Y., Wobus, R., Toth, Z. & Marchok, T., dec. 1 2006.

Research output: Paper

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The roles of observing system simulation experiments at JCSDA and NCEP

Masutani, M., LeMarshall, J. F., Lord, S., Woollen, J. S., Treadon, R., Song, Y., Toth, Z. & Emmitt, G. D., dec. 1 2006.

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An introduction to NCEP SREF aviation project

Zhou, B., Du, J., McQueen, J., Dimego, G., Manikin, G., Ferrier, B., Toth, Z., Juang, H., Hart, M. & Han, J., dec. 1 2004, p. 565-573. 9 p.

Research output: Paper

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Targeting strategies to improve hurricane track forecasts

Majumdar, S. J., Aberson, S. D., Etherton, B. J., Holland, L. D., Toth, Z. & Bishop, C. H., júl. 14 2004, p. 190-191. 2 p.

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