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Spread and potential host range of the invasive oak lace bug [Corythucha arcuata (Say, 1832) – Heteroptera: Tingidae] in Eurasia

Csóka, G., Hirka, A., Mutun, S., Glavendekić, M., Mikó, Á., Szőcs, L., Paulin, M., Eötvös, C. B., Gáspár, C., Csepelényi, M., Szénási, Á., Franjević, M., Gninenko, Y., Dautbašić, M., Muzejinović, O., Zúbrik, M., Netoiu, C., Buzatu, A., Bălăcenoiu, F., Jurc, M. & 5 others, Jurc, D., Bernardinelli, I., Streito, J. C., Avtzis, D. & Hrašovec, B., jan. 1 2019, (Accepted/In press) In : Agricultural and Forest Entomology.

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Phytophagous larvae occurring in Central and Southeastern European oak forests as a potential host of Entomophaga maimaiga (Entomophthorales: Entomophthoraceae) – A field study

Zúbrik, M., Pilarska, D., Kulfan, J., Barta, M., Hajek, A. E., Bittner, T. D., Zach, P., Takov, D., Kunca, A., Rell, S., Hirka, A. & Csóka, G., jún. 1 2018, In : Journal of Invertebrate Pathology. 155, p. 52-54 3 p.

Research output: Article

Transient synchrony among populations of five foliage-feeding Lepidoptera

Klapwijk, M. J., Walter, J. A., Hirka, A., Csóka, G., Björkman, C. & Liebhold, A. M., júl. 2018, In : Journal of Animal Ecology. 87, 4, p. 1058-1068 11 p.

Research output: Article

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Weather-dependent fluctuations in the abundance of the oak processionary moth, Thaumetopoea processionea (Lepidoptera: Notodontidae)

Csóka, G., Hirka, A., Szocs, L., Móricz, N., Rasztovits, E. & Pödör, Z., jan. 1 2018, In : European Journal of Entomology. 115, p. 249-255 7 p.

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Long-term species loss and homogenization of moth communities in Central Europe

Valtonen, A., Hirka, A., Szőcs, L., Ayres, M. P., Roininen, H. & Csóka, G., júl. 1 2017, In : Journal of Animal Ecology. 86, 4, p. 730-738 9 p.

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Non-native gall-inducing insects on forest trees: a global review

Csóka, G., N Stone, G. & Melika, G., nov. 1 2017, In : Biological Invasions. 19, 11, p. 3161-3181 21 p.

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Tournament ABC analysis of the western Palaearctic population history of an oak gall wasp, Synergus umbraculus

Stone, G. N., White, S. C., Csóka, G., Melika, G., Mutun, S., Pénzes, Z., Sadeghi, S. E., Schönrogge, K., Tavakoli, M. & Nicholls, J. A., dec. 2017, In : Molecular Ecology. 26, 23, p. 6685-6703 19 p.

Research output: Article

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Multi-decade patterns of gypsy moth fluctuations in the Carpathian Mountains and options for outbreak forecasting

Hlásny, T., Trombik, J., Holuša, J., Lukášová, K., Grendár, M., Turčáni, M., Zúbrik, M., Tabaković-Tošić, M., Hirka, A., Buksha, I., Modlinger, R., Kacprzyk, M. & Csóka, G., jún. 1 2016, In : Journal of Pest Science. 89, 2, p. 413-425 13 p.

Research output: Article

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The potential for Entomophaga maimaiga to regulate gypsy moth Lymantria dispar (L.) (Lepidoptera: Erebidae) in Europe

Zúbrik, M., Hajek, A., Pilarska, D., Špilda, I., Georgiev, G., Hrašovec, B., Hirka, A., Goertz, D., Hoch, G., Barta, M., Saniga, M., Kunca, A., Nikolov, C., Vakula, J., Galko, J., Pilarski, P. & Csóka, G., 2016, (Accepted/In press) In : Journal of Applied Entomology.

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Multilocus genotyping of Amylostereum spp. associated with Sirex noctilio and other woodwasps from Europe reveal clonal lineage introduced to the US

Castrillo, L. A., Hajek, A. E., Pajares, J. A., Thomsen, I. M., Csóka, G., Kenaley, S. C., Kepler, R. M., Zamora, P. & Angeli, S., jan. 1 2015, In : Fungal Biology. 119, 7, p. 595-604 10 p.

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Forest insects and climate change: Long-term trends in herbivore damage

Klapwijk, M. J., Csóka, G., Hirka, A. & Bjöorkman, C., nov. 25 2013, In : Ecology and Evolution. 3, 12, p. 4183-4196 14 p.

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Geometrid outbreak waves travel across Europe

Tenow, O., Nilssen, A. C., Bylund, H., Pettersson, R., Battisti, A., Bohn, U., Caroulle, F., Ciornei, C., Csóka, G., Delb, H., De Prins, W., Glavendekić, M., Gninenko, Y. I., Hrašovec, B., Matošević, D., Meshkova, V., Moraal, L., Netoiu, C., Pajares, J., Rubtsov, V. & 2 others, Tomescu, R. & Utkina, I., jan. 1 2013, In : Journal of Animal Ecology. 82, 1, p. 84-95 12 p.

Research output: Article

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Trapping of European buprestid beetles in oak forests using visual and olfactory cues

Domingue, M. J., Imrei, Z., Lelito, J. P., Muskovits, J., Janik, G., Csóka, G., Mastro, V. C. & Baker, T. C., aug. 2013, In : Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata. 148, 2, p. 116-129 14 p.

Research output: Article

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Reconstructing community assembly in time and space reveals enemy escape in a western palearctic insect community

Stone, G. N., Lohse, K., Nicholls, J. A., Fuentes-Utrilla, P., Sinclair, F., Schönrogge, K., Csóka, G., Melika, G., Nieves-Aldrey, J. L., Pujade-Villar, J., Tavakoli, M., Askew, R. R. & Hickerson, M. J., márc. 20 2012, In : Current Biology. 22, 6, p. 532-537 6 p.

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Field observations of visual attraction of three European oak buprestid beetles toward conspecific and heterospecific models

Domingue, M. J., Csóka, G., Tóth, M., Vétek, G., Pénzes, B., Mastro, V. & Baker, T. C., aug. 1 2011, In : Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata. 140, 2, p. 112-121 10 p.

Research output: Article

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Aproceros leucopoda (Hymenoptera: Argidae): An East Asian pest of elms (Ulmus spp.) invading Europe

Blank, S. M., Hara, H., Mikulás, J., Csóka, G., Ciornei, C., Constantineanu, R., Constantineanu, I., Roller, L., Altenhofer, E., Huflejt, T. & Vétek, G., 2010, In : European Journal of Entomology. 107, 3, p. 357-367 11 p.

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Community impacts of anthropogenic disturbance: Natural enemies exploit multiple routes in pursuit of invading herbivore hosts

Nicholls, J. A., Fuentes-Utrilla, P., Hayward, A., Melika, G., Csóka, G., Nieves-Aldrey, J. L., Pujade-Villar, J., Tavakoli, M., Schönrogge, K. & Stone, G. N., okt. 26 2010, In : BMC evolutionary biology. 10, 1, 322.

Research output: Article

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Concordant phylogeography and cryptic speciation in two Western Palaearctic oak gall parasitoid species complexes

Nicholls, J. A., Preuss, S., Hayward, A., Melika, G., CsÓka, G., Nieves-Aldrey, J. L., Askew, R. R., Tavakoli, M., SchÖnrogge, K. & Stone, G. N., febr. 1 2010, In : Molecular Ecology. 19, 3, p. 592-609 18 p.

Research output: Article

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Palaearctic oak gallwasps galling oaks (Quercus) in the section Cerris: Re-appraisal of generic limits, with descriptions of new genera and species (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae: Cynipini)

Melika, G., Pujade-Villar, J., Abe, Y., Tang, C. T., Nicholls, J., Wachi, N., Ide, T., Yang, M. M., Pénzes, Z., Csóka, G. & Stone, G. N., máj. 14 2010, In : Zootaxa. 2470, p. 1-79 79 p.

Research output: Article

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Phylogeny and DNA barcoding of inquiline oak gallwasps (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae) of the Western Palaearctic

Ács, Z., Challis, R. J., Bihari, P., Blaxter, M., Hayward, A., Melika, G., Csóka, G., Pénzes, Z., Pujade-Villar, J., Nieves-Aldrey, J. L., Schönrogge, K. & Stone, G. N., ápr. 1 2010, In : Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. 55, 1, p. 210-225 16 p.

Research output: Article

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First record of an Andricus oak gallwasp from the Oriental region: A new species from Taiwan (Hymenoptera: Cynipidae: Cynipini)

Tang, C. T., Melika, G., Yang, M. M., Nicholls, J., Csóka, G. & Stone, G. N., aug. 4 2009, In : Zootaxa. 2175, p. 57-65 9 p.

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Host niches and defensive extended phenotypes structure parasitoid wasp communities

Bailey, R., Schönrogge, K., Cook, J. M., Melika, G., Csóka, G., Thuróczy, C. & Stone, G. N., aug. 1 2009, In : PLoS biology. 7, 8, e1000179.

Research output: Article

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Evidence for widespread cryptic sexual generations in apparently purely asexual Andricus gallwasps

Stone, G. N., Atkinson, R. J., Rokas, A., Nieves-Aldrey, J. L., Melika, G., Ács, Z., Csóka, G., Hayward, A., Bailey, R., Buckee, C. & McVean, G. A. T., jan. 1 2008, In : Molecular Ecology. 17, 2, p. 652-665 14 p.

Research output: Article

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The phylogeographical clade trade: Tracing the impact of human-mediated dispersal on the colonization of northern Europe by the oak gallwasp Andricus kollari

Stone, G. N., Challis, R. J., Atkinson, R. J., Csóka, G., Hayward, A., Melika, G., Mutun, S., Preuss, S., Rokas, A., Sadeghi, E. & Schönrogge, K., júl. 1 2007, In : Molecular Ecology. 16, 13, p. 2768-2781 14 p.

Research output: Article

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Out of Anatolia: Longitudinal gradients in genetic diversity support an eastern origin for a circum-Mediterranean oak gallwasp Andricus quercustozae

Rokas, A., Atkinson, R. J., Webster, L. M. I., Csóka, G. & Stone, G. N., aug. 1 2003, In : Molecular Ecology. 12, 8, p. 2153-2174 22 p.

Research output: Article

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Differential success in northwards range expansion between ecotypes of the marble gallwasp Andricus kollari: A tale of two lifecycles

Stone, G., Atkinson, R., Rokas, A., Csóka, G. & Nieves-Aldrey, J. L., máj. 17 2001, In : Molecular Ecology. 10, 3, p. 761-778 18 p.

Research output: Article

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Gall-inducing insects provide insights into plant systematic relationships

Abrahamson, W. G., Melika, G., Scrafford, R. & Csóka, G., jan. 1 1998, In : American Journal of Botany. 85, 8, p. 1159-1165 7 p.

Research output: Article

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Increased insect damage in Hungarian forests under drought impact

Csóka, G., dec. 1 1997, In : Biologia. 52, 2, p. 159-162 4 p.

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