XPS MultiQuant: Multimodel XPS quantification software

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A program for quantitative evaluation of x-ray photoelectron spectra has been developed to serve as a practical tool for surface chemists. The program uses the 'classic' approach of quantification and requires as input the integrated intensities of the measured XPS lines. The usual correction methods and factors can be applied and controlled independently. All necessary basic data for calculations are integrated into the main library of the program. Besides the usual 'infinitely thick homogeneous sample' geometry model, the program is able to calculate models for layered structures, both on flat and curved surfaces. Calculation for several samples or experimental data sets can be done together. Results can be presented in several forms, such as atomic %, atomic ratio, oxide molar ratio, etc., and can be stored, printed and charted. Data can be labelled and annotated. XPS MultiQuant is equipped with a user-friendly interface, full text help system and a 'wizard' for easy set-up of calculations.

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JournalSurface and Interface Analysis
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