Z. Morlin, A. Peter, I. Foldvari, A. Mecseki

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The line profiles of the 200 and 220 reflections of large (2 multiplied by 2 multiplied by 1 cm**3) pure and doped i. e. deformed alkali-halide single crystals were investigated with CuK// beta radiation. The defective state of the crystals presents itself in the formation of a diffuse background and the shift of the Bragg angle. A negative correlation was found between the lattice parameter and residual stress values. Heavily doped crystals develop complex line profiles which can be deconvoluted in the vicinity of the Bragg peak. NaCl multiplied by (times) CaCl//2 and NaCl multiplied by (times) NiCl//2 systems yielded a number of well resolved peaks already in the as grown state. This effect might be due either to a small angle misorientation of mosaic blocks or some paracrystalline state as considered by Suzuki and Hosemann respectively.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)c6. 513-c6. 515
JournalJournal de physique. Colloque
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1979
EventEurophys Top Conf, 3rd, Lattice Defects in Ionic Cryst - Canterbury, Engl
Duration: Sep 17 1979Sep 21 1979

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