Schlachtkörperwertbestimmung beim schwein röntgen- computertomographie als mögliche referenzmethode

Translated title of the contribution: X-ray computed tomography as possible reference for the pig carcass evaluation

Andreas Dobrowolski, Robert Romvári, Paul Allen, Wolfgang Branscheid, Peter Horn

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In the present investigation it should be examined on a random sample of 60 carcasses, whether the lean content of the half carcass can be determined with help of the X-ray - tomography (CT) as exactly as by physical tissue dissection. On both the left and the right halves respectively approx.150 cross-sections per carcass were taken by a Siemens Somatom plus 40 Spiral-scanner. From the dissection of the left halves, the actual muscle weight stood at the disposal. Since in the carcass the muscular system represents a relatively well definable area of the X-ray absorption scale, the evaluation of the x-ray records was made using the grayscale histograms and not as usual, through image analysis. Since at the spiral - scanning the Pixels of the picture can be interpreted as volumes (Voxel), when multiplied with the slice thickness, it is possible to determine directly the muscle volume as the sum of the Voxels. From this volume the muscle weight must be converted. To achieve this, the muscle-specific range of the grey spectra was evaluated with help of the PLS - regression and used for the calculation of coefficients. The results show that with help of the X-ray CT a most reliable determination of the lean meat content (R 2 = 0,99) is possible, whereby the error is only as high as the dissection error (around 1%). Since there were made scans of both the left (dissected) and right (non-dissected) sides, it could be shown, that morphologic differences exist between both halves. This led to the conclusion, that in the future use of the CT as reference instrument always both halves should be scanned. Altogether, the use of the X-ray CT as reference is recommended for the determination of the lean meat content.

Original languageGerman
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Specialist publicationFleischwirtschaft
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 2004



  • Lean meat content
  • Pork carcases
  • X-ray computed tomograph

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