Why diffusion and stresses?

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In order to support the idea of our meeting it will be illustrated that the role of stresses is especially important in thin diffusion couples or multilayers, where the diffusion distance (time) is very short. In this case - instead of the classical Darken's limit - the Nernst-Planck limit can be realized, which is equivalent to a series coupling of the diffusion currents when the interdiffusion coefficient is determined by the slower component. Characteristic times of the possible transitions between the above regimes in different systems are discussed. Another interesting feature of the effect of stresses is related to the fact that relations for atomic currents are always local laws, while mechanical stresses have non-local character. This - across the boundary conditions - can lead to a variety of macroscopic deformations of the sample. In the case of diffusion reactions with abrupt change in specific volume the stress field can result in hugh effects in the growth kinetics of the reaction layers if the geometry is closed (e.g. cylindrical).

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  • Diffusion induced stress
  • Growth kinetics of reaction layers
  • Interdiffusion

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