Volcanic evolution and stratigraphy of the Miocene börzsöny Mountains, Hungary: An integrated study

D. Karátson, E. Márton, S. Harangi, S. Józsa, K. Balogh, Z. Pecskay, S. Kovácsvölgyi, G. Szakmany, A. Dulai

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The Middle Miocene volcanic evolution of the Borzsony Mountains, North Hungary, is presented, correlating new volcanological, petrological, geochemical, geophysical and paleontological data and establishing a detailed stratigraphy on the basis of additional K/Ar radiometric and paleomagnetic measurements. For the earliest volcanic activity, previous biostratigraphy showing an Early Badenian age has been confirmed and precisely defined by paleo-magnetic investigations. The first-stage volcanic formations (16.5-16.0 Ma), deposited in a shallow marine environment, include resedimented, syn-eruptive, garnet-bearing dacitic volcaniclastics (originating mostly from small-scale ignimbrite eruptions) and coeval, garnet-bearing dacitic lava domes, sometimes with their volcaniclastic aprons. As the eruptions filled the marine basin, subaerial dacitic-andesitic volcaniclastics, comprising minor ignimbrites and different types of debris-flow deposits were also deposited. A part of the latter may have been related to the formation of two or three medium-sized calderas. The second stage (16.0-14.5 Ma) was characterized by andesitic lava dome activity terminated by a hydrothermal event. During the first half of this stage, a ca. 30° CCW rotation occurred. The third stage produced the most voluminous, moderately explosive, andesitic - basaltic andesitic High Borzsony sub-aerial lava dome complex erupting up to the Badenian/Sarmatian boundary (ca. 13.7 Ma). Correlation of K/Ar geo-chronological and volcanological data shows that lava dome activity of the second and third stage may have been coeval with marine sedimentation in the southern Borzsony.

Original languageEnglish
JournalGeologica Carpathica
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 2000


  • Börzsöny Mountains
  • Geochemistry
  • K/Argeochronology
  • Miocene cale-alkaline volcanism
  • Paleomagnetism
  • Volcanology

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