Visual steady state in relation to age and cognitive function

Anna Horwitz, Mia Dyhr Thomsen, Iris Wiegand, Henrik Horwitz, Marc Klemp, Miki Nikolic, Lene Rask, Martin Lauritzen, Krisztina Benedek

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Neocortical gamma activity is crucial for sensory perception and cognition. This study examines the value of using non-task stimulation-induced EEG oscillations to predict cognitive status in a birth cohort of healthy Danish males (Metropolit) with varying cognitive ability. In particular, we examine the steady-state VEP power response (SSVEP-PR) in the alpha (8Hz) and gamma (36Hz) bands in 54 males (avg. age: 62.0 years) and compare these with 10 young healthy participants (avg. age 27.6 years). Furthermore, we correlate the individual alpha-to-gamma difference in relative visual-area power (?RV) with cognitive scores for the older adults. We find that ΔRV decrease with age by just over one standard deviation when comparing young with old participants (p<0.01). Furthermore, intelligence is significantly negatively correlated with ΔRV in the older adult cohort, even when processing speed, global cognition, executive function, memory, and education (p<0.05). In our preferred specification, an increase in ΔRV of one standard deviation is associated with a reduction in intelligence of 48% of a standard deviation (p<0.01). Finally, we conclude that the difference in cerebral rhythmic activity between the alpha and gamma bands is associated with age and cognitive status, and that ΔRV therefore provide a non-subjective clinical tool with which to examine cognitive status in old age.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere0171859
JournalPloS one
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Feb 2017

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    Horwitz, A., Thomsen, M. D., Wiegand, I., Horwitz, H., Klemp, M., Nikolic, M., Rask, L., Lauritzen, M., & Benedek, K. (2017). Visual steady state in relation to age and cognitive function. PloS one, 12(2), [e0171859].