Vernier acuity and the magnocellular system revisited: Response to Skottun and Skoyles

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Skottun and Skoyles (2009) recently presented a comment on Vernier acuity and magnocellular dysfunctions in fragile X premutation carriers (Kéri & Benedek, 2009). The authors concluded that our finding that the magnocellular deficit, as revealed by luminance-contrast sensitivity measurements, is associated with impaired Vernier acuity for achromatic gratings does not mean that this procedure is suitable for the investigation of the magnocellular pathways, given that deficits outside the magnocellular system also lead to impaired Vernier acuity. However, Skottun and Skoyles (2009) did not consider the dissociation between achromatic and isoluminant color Vernier and the convergence of Vernier and luminance-contrast sensitivity measurements.

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JournalBrain and Cognition
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  • Fragile X
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  • Premutation
  • Vision

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