Variational Studies of Strongly Correlated Electron Systems

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Generalized Gutzwiller-type trial ground states for the Hubbard model are considered, which include extra variational parameters to control the nearest-neighbour charge-charge, charge-spin, and spin-spin correlations. The correlation between doubly occupied and empty sites is found to be particularly important. The results for the large-U regime show qualitative improvement when compared to the predictions of the simple Gutzwiller Ansatz: We get the correct order of magnitude for the energy density, and the band state occupation number is found to be a monotonically decreasing function, with the leading term corresponding to that of the t/U-expansion. We find that to get the small-U limit right, the pair-correlated Ansatz has to be used in conjunction with a cluster Gutzwiller approximation, and introduce a four-site cluster approximation which gives promising results. We argue that small-cluster Gutzwiller approximations get accurate in the limit of large lattice dimensionality.

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JournalPhysica Scripta
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1989


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