Vapour pressure of H218O Ice (I) (-17°C to 0°C) and H218O water (0°C to 16°C)

Gabor Jancso, Jovan Pupezin, W. Alexander Van Hook

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WE have measured the vapour pressure isotope effect (VPIE) between H218O and H216O ice from -17°C to 0°C and have obtained results in disagreement with those reported by Matsuo and Matsubaya1. In order to check our measurements we have also determined the VPIE in the liquid phase and obtained results in good agreement with Szapiro and Steckel2. Also we have calculated from the present data an ice-liquid fractionation factor in good agreement with O'Neil's directly measured value of 1.0030 ± 0.0002 (ref. 3).

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Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 1970


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