Vanadium content of some common edible, wild mushroom species

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The vanadium content of samples of 21 common, edible wild mushroom species was measured. The mushroom samples were gathered from different locations (habitats) of Hungarian forests and the analysis was performed with ICP. The V contents were found between 0 (i.e. under the detections limit) and 1 mg/kg d.m. Bioaccumulation of V was not found, the species Xerocomus porosporus and Clitocybe odora (practically: 1 mg/kg d.m.) had the relative highest level, those of Hypholoma capnoides, Laccaria amethysthina, Tricholoma imbricatum, Xerocomus subtomentosus, are practically near to detection limit. The actual V content of these mushrooms is a result of taxonomic and ecological factors. The V content of these common mushrooms is not problematical from toxicological point of view; some of these can be a natural source of V supplement for the human organism.

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JournalActa Alimentaria
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Publication statusPublished - Mar 1 1999


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