Ultrastructure of synaptic connections of a bimodal pacemaker giant neuron in the central nervous system of Helix pomatia L.

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Following intracellular labelling with horseradish peroxidase, the arborization and synaptic connections of the bimodal pacemaker giant neuron (RPal) of Helix pomatia were investigated in the right parietal and visceral ganglia. The RPal neuron possesses extensive axonal branching, the elements of which could be observed and traced within the entire neuropil region of both ganglia. The main axonal branches showed further arborization. The thin axon processes enter the synaptic neuropil, where they receive numerous synapses. At least six ultra-structurally different terminals form synaptic contacts on peroxidase-labelled axon processes of the cell. On the basis of their vesicle and granule content, they are likely to contain different neurotransmitters. Some intraganglionic efferent contacts of the RPal neuron were also observed. It is suggested that, besides its peripheral efferent connections, this cell might also serve as an interneuron.

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