Twin Concept of fine structure constant as the 'self number-archetype' in perspective of the Pauli-Jung correspondence

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The paper - 'similarly to our earlier publications since 1993 - is trying to 'synchronize' early quantum physics, the Kalmanian representation theory, Jungian analytic psychology, and certain aesthetical categories. The number '137', the so-called inverse Fine Structure Constant (FSC), is placed at the centre of this heuristic and epistemological experiment, along with the scientific cooperation of Pauli and Jung. A new possibilistic twin concept of "controlling-observing equations" is proposed for the reinterpretation of the FSC and other Number Archetypes on the basis of the Hermeneutic and symbolic languages found in the W. Pauli and C. G. Jung " Correspondence". The second part of the paper deals with the new ways of cognition and imagination related to the "Background Control Theory" which can be identified mainly in the Pauli-Jung collaboration anticipating the new system and control approach of R E. Kalman Furthermore, we summarize this unusual attempt and give an extensive bibliography for further reading.

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JournalActa Polytechnica Hungarica
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  • Control theory
  • Fine structure constant
  • Number archetype
  • W. Pauli and c. G. Jung correspondence

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