Bipoláris betegek lamotrigin kezelése – Relapszus ráta és szuicid magatartás 6 hónapos követés során

Translated title of the contribution: Treatment of bipolar depression with lamotrigine – rate of relapse and suicidal behaviour during 6 month follow-up treatment

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The present paper describes a 8-month prospective, observational, non-intervention multicentric study in 969 bipolar patients, where data were obtained on changes during lamotrigine treatment with special focus rates of relapse, suicidal behaviour and adverse events. 969 patients entered the study and 961 patients (99%) completed the study. Patients received lamotrigine mostly as an add-on treatment in addition to ongoing antidepressant and/or antipsychotic medication. By the end of the six-month treatment period 38% of patients achieved remission and rate of relapse after three months was 24%. Rate of adverse events was very low (1%) and they in no case led o termination of therapy. At baseline 17% of patients had clinically significant suicide risk which gradually decreased to 2.1% during the 6-month study period. No suicide attempt or completed suicide ook place during the study period. Results indicate that lamotrigine is an effective and well-tolerated treatment for the acute and long-term treatment of bipolar patients.

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JournalNeuropsychopharmacologia Hungarica
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2015


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