Toward a more realistic overall process synthesis-the combined approach

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Neither the hierarchical nor the algorithmic methods offer by themselves the single right way to synthesize the best total flowsheets. In this paper a combined approach is proposed for synthesizing realistic processes efficiently, which utilizes the advantages of the different methods. Characteristic features of the proposed methodology are the implication of the user-driven synthesis technique to tackle the implicit knowledge derived during the synthesis and an efficient bounding strategy to account for cross-layer interactions. The methodology has been successfully applied to three representative industrial case studies: (a) ethylbenzene production by alkylation; (b) manufacture of styrene by dehydrogenation; and (c) acrolein production by catalytic oxidation. The introductory short review does not attempt to be complete but is selective since the aim is to work toward a practical guideline for conceptual design.

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JournalComputers and Chemical Engineering
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Publication statusPublished - Nov 1990

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