To be, or not to be, a non-native freshwater fish?

G. H. Copp, P. G. Bianco, N. G. Bogutskaya, T. Eros, I. Falka, M. T. Ferreira, M. G. Fox, J. Freyhof, R. E. Gozlan, J. Grabowska, V. Kováč, R. Moreno-Amich, A. M. Naseka, M. Peňáz, M. Povž, M. Przybylski, M. Robillard, I. C. Russell, S. Stakenas, S. ŠumerA. Vila-Gispert, C. Wiesner

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We examine the evolving concept of what constitutes a nonnative (or alien) freshwater fish. In an attempt to distinguish between biogeographical and socio-political perspectives, we review the patterns in the introduction and dispersal of nonnative fishes in Europe and North America, and especially the recent expansion of Ponto-Caspian gobies in Europe. We assess patterns in the development of national policy and legislation in response to the perceived threat of non-native fish introductions to native species and ecosystems. We review, and provide a glossary of, the terms and definitions associated with non-native species. Finally, we discuss perspectives as regards the future treatment of naturalized species.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)242-262
Number of pages21
JournalJournal of Applied Ichthyology
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Aug 1 2005

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    Copp, G. H., Bianco, P. G., Bogutskaya, N. G., Eros, T., Falka, I., Ferreira, M. T., Fox, M. G., Freyhof, J., Gozlan, R. E., Grabowska, J., Kováč, V., Moreno-Amich, R., Naseka, A. M., Peňáz, M., Povž, M., Przybylski, M., Robillard, M., Russell, I. C., Stakenas, S., ... Wiesner, C. (2005). To be, or not to be, a non-native freshwater fish? Journal of Applied Ichthyology, 21(4), 242-262.