Thin-layer chromatography of steroids. X. RM-correlations of cholesterol esters, ethers, carbonic acid esters and halogen derivatives

Gabriella D. Szönyi, B. Matkovics

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A study was made of the TLC properties of the 3-beta-substituted esters, ethers, carbonic acid esters and halogen derivatives of cholesterol. As regards the TLC properties it can be stated as a general correlation that the same solvent systems are suitable for the separation of these groups of compounds (with the exception of the halogen derivatives). As a result of our experiment, four such systems could be found among many others tried. A regularity can be observed with regard to the polarity change of the esterifying component from C6 to C16 in the cyclohexane-chloroform (6:4) system. The cholesterol 3-beta-ethers are more polar than the esters, but with the lengthening of the etherifying side-chain the polarity decreases more rapidly than in the case of the esters; from the point of a TLC separation technique this is a very advantageous property. As regards their properties the cholesterol carbonic acid derivatives can be correlated with the cholesterol ethers. Compared with the above groups the 3-beta halogen cholesterol derivatives exhibit different properties. Their separation can be achieved with apolar solvents.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)269-277
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JournalMicrochemical Journal
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Publication statusPublished - Sep 1975


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