Thermal investigation of PEG 4000 - oxazepam binary system

J. M. Ginés, M. J. Arias, J. R. Moyano, Cs Novak, G. Pokol, P. J. Sánchez-Soto

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A thermal study using DSC and Hot Stage Microscopy (HSM) was carried out to investigate the interaction in solid state of the binary system PEG 4000 - oxazepam, and to establish their phase diagram. The eutectic composition, which melting occurs at lower temperature as compared with the pure components, has been determined. The results obtained by DSC and HSM have indicated that PEG 4000 - oxazepam mixtures displays no obvious incompatibilities, and that the system shows a typical eutectic behaviour. However because of the closeness of the melting of PEG 4000 to the eutectic temperature, it was difficult to determine precisely the eutectic composition and temperature on the basis of DSC measurements alone. The use of heats of fusion corresponding to physical mixtures allowed an estimation of the eutectic composition at 6% w/w oxazepam. Additional information of temperature (57.6°C) and composition (5-10% w/w oxazepam) of the eutectic was obtained by HSM using the contact method. This low melting temperature in this range of compositions offers advantages in terms of drug stability and easy manufacture.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1743-1753
Number of pages11
JournalJournal of thermal analysis
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1996


  • DSC
  • HSM
  • Oxazepam
  • PEG 4000
  • Solid dispersion

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    Ginés, J. M., Arias, M. J., Moyano, J. R., Novak, C., Pokol, G., & Sánchez-Soto, P. J. (1996). Thermal investigation of PEG 4000 - oxazepam binary system. Journal of thermal analysis, 47(6), 1743-1753.