Thermal Decomposition and Ignition of Ammonium Perchlorate in the Presence of Zinc Perchlorate

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The effect of zinc Perchlorate on the stability of ammonium Perchlorate (AP) has been invostigated. The addition of zinc Perchlorate to ammonium Perchlorate markedly increased the rate and extent of the decomposition. The catalytic reaction obeyed first order kinetics. The activation energy was 37 kcal. Zinc Perchlorate exerted a great influence on the ignition of AP, it lowered its mini-mum ignition temperature by about 200 °C. Some experiments were performed on the effect of other zinc Compounds and also on the reactivity of ammonium Perchlorate dopod with zinc ions. It was assumed that in the accelerating effect of zinc Perchlorate the partial fusion of ammonium Perchlorate and the high polarizing power of zinc ions play a decisive role.

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JournalZeitschrift fur Physikalische Chemie
Issue number1-3
Publication statusPublished - Sep 1969


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