Thermal behaviour of Au/AIIIBV samples controlled with mass spectrometer

B. Pécz, R. Veresegyházy, I. Mojzes, Erika Jároli, Éva Zsoldos

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Au/GaAs, Au/GaP and Au/InP samples were annealed in vacuum using a 150°C /min heating rate. The evaporation of volatile components (As and P respectively) were monitored with a mass-spectrometer during the heating cycle. The samples were quenched from different temperatures, characterized by typical points of the evaporation vs temperature curve. In this paper the RBS spectra of the samples heat treated in this way, will be discussed. After the heat treatment significant change in the surface morphology was observed by scanning electron microscopy. Different grains and protrusions appeared which belong to different intermetallic phases formed as a result of the interaction. Using X-ray diffractometric measurements we found Au2Ga and ß-AuGa phases in the Au/GaAs samples. The same phases were also identified in the Au/GaP system. In the case of Au/InP contacts the phase identification is very difficult. The formation of Au3In2 phaase is indicates by the X-ray spectra of the heat-treated Au/InP samples.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)185-187
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Issue number1-2
Publication statusPublished - 1990


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Pécz, B., Veresegyházy, R., Mojzes, I., Jároli, E., & Zsoldos, É. (1990). Thermal behaviour of Au/AIIIBV samples controlled with mass spectrometer. Vacuum, 40(1-2), 185-187.