The tyrrhenian and pannonian basins: A comparison of two mediterranean interarc basins

M. Boccaletti, F. Horváth, M. Loddo, F. Mongelli, L. Stegena

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A comparison of the geological and geophysical features of the Tyrrhenian and Pannonian basins shows that both are interarc basins; the former ensimatic and the latter ensialic. They are characterized by postorogenic, tectonically unaffected sediments, strong volcanic activity, anomalous upper mantle and heat flow. Taking into consideration the similarities and dissimilarities, the authors suggest that the tectogenetic evolution schemes proposed by Scholz et al. (1971), Karig (1971), Boccaletti and Guazzone (1972) and Stegena et al. (1975) for interarc basins are applicable for both basins. The Pannonian basin has finished its evolution in a less mature stage while the Tyrrhenian basin has been developing into an ensimatic interarc basin.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - Oct 13 1976


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