A célzott terápia - Paradigmaváltás az onkológiában

Translated title of the contribution: The targeted therapy - Changing of the paradigm in oncology

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Traditional anticancer therapy reached its limits to increase progression free or overail survival in almost all malignancies. A substantial change (can be called as changes in the: paradigm) is advocated by the high-speed activity to understand the key molecular basis of i the development, growth and progression of neoplasia in order to use these informations for i therapeutic targeting. There are several hot areas in this respect, especially the signal j transducing pathways and antiangiogenesis to decrease survival, and to inhibit vascular; supply. The most effective approaches use combination therapy and/or multitargeting I agents. To achieve further improvements it is essential to maintain very close partnership I between the diagnostic and therapeutic teams.

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Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 2009


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