The responses of the developing endocrine system to hormones and drugs

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The development of the endocrine system and its responses to hormones and drugs during different stages of development have been reviewed. The last 10 yr have provided abundant information about the function of pituitary, adrenal, thyroid and sexual gland, metabolism controlled by hormonal factors etc. and have also shown the advantages and disadvantages of the use of hormones and drugs influencing the developing endocrine system, and thus influencing the development of the whole organism. From the data collected it has become clear that the responses of the endocrine system to hormones and drugs change with age, reaching their full functional capacity after puberty. There are a few critical periods within the time which the endocrine system develops, namely the intrauterine, early postnatal and pre-pubertal periods. One also has to consider species differences, specially in sexual differentiation and the development of reproductive function.

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