The reaction of triple radiative capture αα(n,γ) 9Be studied in a β decay of 9Li

Ivan Mukha, M. Kavatsyuk, A. Algora, L. Batist, A. Blazhev, J. Döring, H. Grawe, M. Hellström, O. Kavatsyuk, R. Kirchner, M. La Commara, C. Mazzocchi, C. Plettner, E. Roeckl

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A new way of study the reaction of triple radiative capture αα(n,γ)9Be is demonstrated. At the GSI-ISOL facility, we have measured the γ decays of excited 1/2+, 5/2- and 1/2- states in 9Be, which are strongly populated in the β decay of 9Li. The respective partial γ-widths are of astrophysical interest in order to reliably estimate the αα(n,γ)9Be rates in SN type-II as a possible site of the synthesis of heavy elements in the Universe. The 9Li nuclei were implanted into a foil viewed by high-granularity arrays of β and γ detectors. The γ-ray spectra were measured in coincidence with the β-particles by selecting large β-γ angles in order to suppress the bremsstrahlung background. For the first time, the γ-rays from the 1/2+ and 5/2- states in 9Be were observed in 9Li decay, with the 1/2+-state energy and width measured to be 1689(10) and 224(7) keV, respectively, while the latter transition provided a reference point. The upper limit of the 1/2- partial γ-width is measured to be 7 · 10-6 MeV. An improved sensitivity experiment is feasible at facilities with the larger yield of 9Li.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)647-650
Number of pages4
JournalNuclear Physics A
Issue number1-4 SPEC. ISS.
Publication statusPublished - Jul 25 2005


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Mukha, I., Kavatsyuk, M., Algora, A., Batist, L., Blazhev, A., Döring, J., Grawe, H., Hellström, M., Kavatsyuk, O., Kirchner, R., La Commara, M., Mazzocchi, C., Plettner, C., & Roeckl, E. (2005). The reaction of triple radiative capture αα(n,γ) 9Be studied in a β decay of 9Li. Nuclear Physics A, 758(1-4 SPEC. ISS.), 647-650.