Bericht über den peripartalen Krankheitskomplex der Muttersau in der industriellen Schweinezucht. 4. Mitteilung: Die Auswirkungen der prophylaktischen oralen Medikamentengabe auf das Auftreten des peripartalen Krankheitskomplexes der Muttersau mit der Anamnese von urinary tract infection (UTI) und vaginal-vulvalem Ausfluss (vaginal-vulvar discharge [VD]).

Translated title of the contribution: The peripartal disease complex of the sow in the industrial swine breeding facility. 4. The effect of prophylactic oral medication on the occurrence of the peripartal disease complex of the sow with the symptoms of urinary tract infection and vaginal-vulvar discharge

G. Bilkei, A. Bölcskei, E. Clavadetscher, T. Goos, C. Hofmann, H. Bilkei, O. Szenci

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In an industrial pig production unit 20 sows were selected at random. All the sows had a puerperal disease in their anamnesis. The sows were divided in two groups consisting of ten sows each. Group 1 received Ampicillin per os (3 g per sow and day) four days a.p. and four days p.p. The majority of the sows showed a significant E. coli bacteriuria and non of the sows showed a significant Enterococcus bacteriuria prior to treatment. The development of puerperal disease was registered. The treated group showed less occurrence of disease compared to the control. Group 1 revealed significant (p < 0.05) less early postnatal losses than the untreated control. Group 1 showed better four weeks weaning weights as well. It is the authors opinion that sows having significant bacteriuria a.p. should be treated a.p. and p.p. before periparturient disease occurs.

Original languageGerman
Pages (from-to)8-13
Number of pages6
JournalBerliner und Münchener tierärztliche Wochenschrift
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1995


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