The middle Triassic post-drowning sequence in the Aggtelek Hills (Silica Nappe) and its tethyan context -first description of the raming formation from Hungary

Csaba Péró, Felicitász Velledits, Sándor Kovács, Joachim Blau

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During mapping between Aggtelek, Jósvafo and Égerszög (Aggtelek Hills, Silica Nappe) a new basinal limestone sequence was recognised in between the Steinalm and Wetterstein platform limestones. It comprises Schreyeralm Fm. (base) and Raming Fm. (top). The latter one is new for Hungary. We describe two sections (Nagy Jenei Hill and Baradla Cave). In both the Schreyeralm Fm. is characterised by reddish coquina rich micritic limestone. The Raming Fm. consists of allodapic calcarenites and reef detritus sandwiched between filament mud-to wackestones. In the upper part, the resedimented reef detritus becomes more and more frequent. In the Baradla Cave section radiolarite beds with a tuffite intercalation terminate the basinal succession. The base of the Schreyeralm Fm. is heterochronous (late Pelsonian to Pelsonian/Illyrian). The base of the Raming Fm. contains conodonts referring to an age interval of Trinodosus up to most part of Reitzi Zone (early-middle Illyrian). The top is also heterochronous. Its age is middle Illyrian (Trinodosus -most part of Reitzi Zone) in the NW and Fassanian (Curionii Zone) in the SE part. The sedimentation was controlled by a halfgraben morphology of the basement. The closest similarity to this formation can be found in the Slovak part of the Silica Nappe and in well oxigenated zones of Reifling basin in the Hronic Unit. In the Juvavic Domain of the Northern Calcareous Alps the "Southern" slope facies (sensu Mandl 1999, 2000) of the Wetterstein platform, where Raming-type allodapic limestones interfinger with open marine variegated pelagic carbonates, is closely related to the newly recognised Raming Fm. in the Aggtelek Hills.

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JournalNewsletters on Stratigraphy
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2015



  • Basinal sediments
  • Calciturbidites
  • Middle triassic
  • Raming fm
  • Silica Nappe
  • Western carpathians

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