The landscape of Comet Halley

E. Merényi, L. Földy, K. Szego, I. Tóth, A. Kondor

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In this paper the three-dimensional model of P/Halley's nucleus is constructed based on the results of the imaging experiments. It has the following major characteristics: the overall sizes are 7.2, 7.22, and 15.3 km; its volume is 365 km3; the ratios of the inertial momenta are 3.5:3.4:1, the longest inertial axis is slightly inclined to the geometrical axis of the body, 3.3° latitude and 1.1° longitude if the geometrical axis is at zero latitude and longitude. The shape is very irregular; it is not close to any regular body, e.g., to a tri-axial ellipsoid. Several features on the images are interpreted as local slope variations of the nucleus.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)9-20
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Publication statusPublished - Jul 1990

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    Merényi, E., Földy, L., Szego, K., Tóth, I., & Kondor, A. (1990). The landscape of Comet Halley. Icarus, 86(1), 9-20.