The influence of misalignments on mesh performances of hypoid gears

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A new method for tooth contact analysis in mismatched hypoid gears is applied for the investigation of the influence of misalignments of the mating members on mesh performances. By using the corresponding computer program, the influence of running offset error, pinion's axial adjustment error, and angular position errors of the pinion axis on the shape and position of path of contact and of potential contact lines under load, on separations along these contact lines, on angular displacements of the gear member, and on the variation of the angular velocity ratio through a mesh cycle, have been determined. The results obtained have shown that the position errors of the mating members cause edge contact on the tip of the pinion or gear tooth, worsen the conjugation of the contacting tooth surfaces, and considerably increase the angular displacements of the gear member and the angular velocity ratio variation through the whole mesh cycle, that considerably worsens the mesh performances.

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JournalMechanism and Machine Theory
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Publication statusPublished - Nov 1998


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