The influence of growth conditions on the quality of CdZnTe single crystals

J. Franc, R. Grill, P. Hlídek, E. Belas, L. Turjanska, P. Höschl, I. Turkevych, A. L. Toth, P. Moravec, H. Sitter

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Experimental conditions were investigated for growth of inclusion-free near-stoichiometric CdZnTe single crystals with a minimized concentration of native point defects. The positions of the stoichiometric line pS = 8 × 105 exp(-1.76 × 104/T) (atm) and the room-temperature and high-temperature p-n lines were evaluated from high-temperature in situ galvanomagnetic measurements. The Cd pressure at the congruent melting point was estimated at ∼ 1.15-1.20 atm from analysis of the total inclusion volume of five single crystals fabricated at Cd pressures in the range of 1-1.3 atm. An inclusion-free single crystal was prepared at PCd ∼ 1.2 atm. Calculations based on a model of two major defects, the Cd vacancy and the Cd interstitial, show that a very small deviation of PCd from PS results in a large generation of the native defects. Thus a reproducible production of a high-resistivity material by a slow cooling along the PS seems to be very difficult.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)514-520
Number of pages7
JournalSemiconductor Science and Technology
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Jun 1 2001

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    Franc, J., Grill, R., Hlídek, P., Belas, E., Turjanska, L., Höschl, P., Turkevych, I., Toth, A. L., Moravec, P., & Sitter, H. (2001). The influence of growth conditions on the quality of CdZnTe single crystals. Semiconductor Science and Technology, 16(6), 514-520.