The electrochemical reactions of 2,3-butanedione-(biacetyl) and 2,3-butanediol at platinized platinum electrode in acid medium

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The electrochemical transformations of 2,3-butanedione(biacetyl) and 2,3-butanediol were studied in acid media at platinized platinum electrode. It has been shown that the main end product in the biacetyl reduction is butane. The first step of the reduction is the formation of acetoine. The further reduction of acetoine is inhibited by the presence of biacetyl. The hydrocarbon formation takes place after the consumption of biacetyl in the first reaction step. It has been shown that the oxidation of 2,3-butanediol into biacetyl takes place stepwise via acetoine intermediate. In both cases mechanistic and kinetic considerations were made.

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JournalJournal of Electroanalytical Chemistry
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 25 1980


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