The effects of interaction between propranolol and somatostatin on the active avoidance behavior, open-field activity and electroconvulsive shock-induced amnesia of rats

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In the present study the role of β-receptors in the behavioral action of somatostatin was investigated. Somatostatin inhibited extinction of the active avoidance behavior. Propranolol alone had no action on this behavior but significantly inhibited the peptide-induced effect. In the open-field test somatostatin induced locomotor activation; propranolol did not influence this effect of the peptide. Somatostatin inhibited electroconvulsive shock-induced amnesia. Propranolol alone had no action in this test, but significantly decreased the antiamnesic effect of the peptide. These results suggest that the central β-receptors play an important role in the behavioral action of somatostatin.

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