The effects of endomorphins on striatal [3H]Gaba release induced by electrical stimulation: An in vitro superfusion study in rats

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The endomorphins (EM1 and EM2) are selective endogenous ligands for mu-opioid receptors (MOR1 and MOR2) with neurotransmitter and neuromodulator roles in mammals. In the present study we investigated the potential actions of EMs on striatal GABA release and the implication of different MORs in these processes. Rat striatal slices were preincubated with tritium-labelled GABA ([3H]GABA), pretreated with selective MOR1 and MOR2 antagonist beta-funaltrexamine and selective MOR1 antagonist naloxonazine and then superfused with the selective MOR agonists, EM1 and EM2. EM1 significantly decreased the striatal [3H]GABA release induced by electrical stimulation. Beta-funaltrexamine antagonized the inhibitory action of EM1, but naloxonazine did not affect it considerably. EM2 was ineffective, even in case of specific enzyme inhibitor diprotin A pretreatment. The results demonstrate that EM1 decreases GABA release in the basal ganglia through MOR2, while EM2 does not influence it.

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  • Endomorphin
  • Mu-opioid receptor
  • Striatal GABA
  • Superfusion

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