The effect of cardiac lymphostasis on the microcirculation of the heart. Effect of cardiac lymphoedema on the development of an arteriovenous shunt circulation

F. Solti, G. Ungváry, P. Gloviczki, M. Sebestyén, E. Tátrai, G. Töreky

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The effect of cardiac lymphostasis on the microcirculation of the heart was studied in 18 dogs. By ligation of the main lymph trunks and regional lymph nodes of the heart, cardiac lymphoedema - lymphogenic cardiomyopathy - was induced in 9 dogs, while 9 served as control animals. For microcirculatory investigations: 1) gelatin indian ink injection, 2) benzidine reaction, 3) PVC injection corrosion preparation was applied. Characteristic changes were demonstrated in the microcirculation and capillary circulation of the heart in cardiac lymphostasis. In some capillaries - mainly where interstitial oedema exists - the capillary circulation decreased: inhomogeneously vessel-free spots were formed in the heart. Around the vessel-free capillaries, elongated capilaries were found including very dilated pre- and post-capillary vessel sections. Arteriovenous shunts can be revealed in the heart in consequence of lymphoedema. The pathogenesis of the microcirculatory circulation changes caused by cardiac lymphostasis was discussed.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)122-126
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Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 1981


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