The Design and Construction of a Double Sided Silicon Microvertex Detector for the L3 Experiment at CERN

A. Adam, S. Ahlen, A. Marin, B. Zhou, G. Ambrosi, E. Babucci, A. Baschirotto, M. Bosetti, P. G. Rancoita, M. Rattaggi, R. Battiston, C. Hauviller, A. Herv&, I. Josa, R. Leiste, A. Bay, W. J. Burger, E. Perrin, G. F. Susinnoi, G. Y.L. BenczeJ. Komis, I. Toth, B. Bertucci, M. Biasini, G. M. Bilei, M. Caria, B. Checcucci, S. EasoP, E. FiandriniP, V. R. Krastev, R. MassettiP, M. Pauluzzi, A. Santocchia, L. Servoli, G. J. Bobbink, P. X. Duinker, M. L. Brooks, T. E. eoan, J. S. Kapustinsky, W. W. Kinnison, D. M. Lee, G. B. Mills, T. C. Thompson, J. Busenitz, C. Ccamps, V. Commichau, K. K'Hangartner, P. Schmitza, G. Castellini, A. Chen, S. Hou, W. T. Lin, D. DiBitontob, P. Extermannj, A. Gougas, D. Kimk, T. Paul, G. Landi, M. Lebeau, P. Lecomteg, G. M. Viertelg, S. Waldmeierg, E. Lejeune, a. w. Well, W. Lohmann, H. Nowak, M. Sachwitz, B. Schoeniech, F. Tonisch, G. Trowitzsch, H. Vogt, G. Passaleva, S. Pensotti, G. Terzi, S. C. Yehr

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A Silicon Microvertex Detector (SMD) has been commissioned for the L3 experiment at the Large Electron-Positron colliding-beam accelerator (LEP) at the European Center for Nuclear Physics, (CERN). The SMD is a 72,672 channel, two layer barrel tracker that is comprised of 96 accoupled, double sided silicon detectors. Details of the design and construction are presented.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)772-778
Number of pages7
JournalIEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Aug 1994


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Adam, A., Ahlen, S., Marin, A., Zhou, B., Ambrosi, G., Babucci, E., Baschirotto, A., Bosetti, M., Rancoita, P. G., Rattaggi, M., Battiston, R., Hauviller, C., Herv&, A., Josa, I., Leiste, R., Bay, A., Burger, W. J., Perrin, E., Susinnoi, G. F., ... Yehr, S. C. (1994). The Design and Construction of a Double Sided Silicon Microvertex Detector for the L3 Experiment at CERN. IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 41(4), 772-778.