tert-Butylierung des Tryptophan-Indolringes während der Abspaltung der tert-Butyloxycarbonyl-Gruppe bei Peptidsynthesen.

Translated title of the contribution: tert-Butylation of the tryptophan indole ring during the removal of the tert-butyloxycarbonyl group (author's transl)

M. Löw, L. Kisfaludy, P. Sohár

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The tert-butylation of the tryptophan indole ring during the removal of tert-butyloxycarbonyl groups under different conditions was studied. The incorporation of tert-butyl groups was measured by a 1H-NMR technique. It was established, that the rate and specificity of the tert-butylation is highly dependent on the character of the cleaving reagents used and on the environment of the tryptophan residue in the peptide chain.

Original languageGerman
Pages (from-to)1643-1651
Number of pages9
JournalHoppe-Seyler's Zeitschrift fur Physiologische Chemie
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 1978


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