Television observations of comet Halley from Vega spacecraft

R. Z. Sagdeev, F. Szabó, G. A. Avanesov, P. Cruvellier, L. Szabó, K. Szego, A. Abergel, A. Balazs, I. V. Barinov, J. L. Bertaux, J. Blamont, M. Detaille, E. Demarelis, G. N. Dul'nev, G. Endröczy, M. Gardos, M. Kanyo, V. I. Kostenko, V. A. Krasikov, T. Nguyen-trongZ. Nyitrai, I. Reny, P. Rusznyak, V. A. Shamis, B. Smith, K. G. Sukhanov, F. Szabó, S. Szalai, V. I. Tarnopolsky, I. Toth, G. Tsukanova, B. I. Valníček, L. Varhalmi, Yu K. Zaiko, S. I. Zatsepin, Ya L. Ziman, M. Zsenei, B. S. Zhukov

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The television system (TVS) aboard the spacecraft Vega 1 and Vega 2 observed comet Halley from 4 to 11 March 1986, and transmitted ∼1,500 images to Earth. The best images of the cometary nucleus were obtained from distances of 8,000-9,000 km. The nucleus is an irregular potato-shaped body, ∼14 × 7.5 × 7.5 km in size, which rotates with a period of 53±3 h. The surface is rather dark; the measured albedo is ∼0.04 -0.01+0.02. Active emission of matter was observed on the sunlit side of the nucleus.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)262-266
Number of pages5
Issue number6067
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 1986

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    Sagdeev, R. Z., Szabó, F., Avanesov, G. A., Cruvellier, P., Szabó, L., Szego, K., Abergel, A., Balazs, A., Barinov, I. V., Bertaux, J. L., Blamont, J., Detaille, M., Demarelis, E., Dul'nev, G. N., Endröczy, G., Gardos, M., Kanyo, M., Kostenko, V. I., Krasikov, V. A., ... Zhukov, B. S. (1986). Television observations of comet Halley from Vega spacecraft. Nature, 321(6067), 262-266.