Synthesis of multiple biomass corridor via decomposition approach: A p-graph application

Bing Shen How, Boon Hooi Hong, Hon Loong Lam, Ferenc Friedler

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Nowadays, mankind is facing several environmental challenges such as climate change, pollutions, etc. In order to create a more sustainable future, an adequate waste management system is necessary. One of the major solid waste sources is biomass, which have the potential to be converted into energy and several kinds of value-added products. Therefore, it is suggested to develop a multi-biomass corridor in order to promote a global sustainable development of renewable energy. However, this large-scale problem normally requires longer computational duration due to its complexity. This paper develops a "Decomposition Approach" to simplify such problem and the effectiveness of the methodology has been illustrated by applying it to a case study in a state with abundant biomass, Johor.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationChemical Engineering Transactions
EditorsXia Liu, Petar Sabev Varbanov, Jiri Jaromir Klemes, Sharifah Rafidah Wan Alwi, Jun Yow Yong
PublisherItalian Association of Chemical Engineering - AIDIC
Number of pages6
ISBN (Electronic)9788895608365
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2015


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How, B. S., Hong, B. H., Lam, H. L., & Friedler, F. (2015). Synthesis of multiple biomass corridor via decomposition approach: A p-graph application. In X. Liu, P. S. Varbanov, J. J. Klemes, S. R. Wan Alwi, & J. Y. Yong (Eds.), Chemical Engineering Transactions (Vol. 45, pp. 1363-1368). Italian Association of Chemical Engineering - AIDIC.