Synthesis of α-amylase by Aspergillus oryzae in solid-state fermentation

Febe Francis, A. Sabu, K. Madhavan Nampoothiri, George Szakacs, Ashok Pandey

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Spent Brewing Grains (SBG) was evaluated for its efficacy to be used as sole carbon source for the synthesis of α-amylase in solid-state fermentation using a fungal strain of Aspergillus oryzae NRRL 6270. Enzyme production was superior when the culture grew on mesophilic temperatures and best yields were at 25°C. At 30°C, yields were almost comparable. Maximum production of α-amylase [6870 U/g dry substrate (gds)] was obtained when SSF was carried out at 30°C for 96 h using SBG medium, which had initial moisture of 70% and was inoculated using a spore suspension containing 1 × 107 spores/ml. Supplementation of SBG with external carbon sources such as mono-, di and polysaccharides caused repression in enzyme synthesis by the fungal culture.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)320-326
Number of pages7
JournalJournal of basic microbiology
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - Nov 6 2002

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