Synthesis and structure of dinuclear silver complexes of N,N-bis(2-(diphenylphosphanyl)ethyl)phenylamine

Gábor Besenyei, Gábor Szalontai, L. Párkányí

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N,N-Bis(2-(diphenylphosphanyl)ethyl)phenylamine, (PNPhP), and AgX compounds (X = OTf, Cl, Br, I) form dimeric complexes of general formula [Ag2X2(PNPhP)2], 1–4, in which, as revealed by crystallographic investigations, the two phosphorus donors are bound to different metal centers but the central N-donor remains unbound. NMR studies performed on solutions of any 1:1 mixtures of 2–4 demonstrated that these complexes retain their dimeric structure in solution. To the contrary, a monomer/dimer equilibrium strongly shifted toward dimerization was observed in the solutions of 1. The distribution of the dimeric species in the halide1/halide2 mixtures compared to that in the OTf/halide systems is remarkably different and reflects the preference of the Ag/halide interaction over the Ag/OTf coordination. Based on the interplay of the AgP2 planes, the known [Ag2(μ-X)2(μ-Ph2PYPPh2)2] complexes can be arranged into four well-discernible groups (Y stands for a 4–6-membered linkage).

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - May 8 2017



  • Ag-P coupling
  • Dimers
  • PNP ligand
  • Silver complexes
  • X-ray structure

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