Symposium on recent trends in the development of drug metabolism. Volume 4

J. Knoll, T. Javor, A. Gogl

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The Second Congress of the Hungarian Pharmacological Society was held in 7 sections. Besides the Hungarian researchers and clinicopharmacologists also foreign specialists took part in the symposium on the above subject. The volume contains 24 papers of which the report of Kremers (Begium) deserves special attention dealing with a new method for determination of the 16-alpha hydroxylase activity of steroids. A most interesting topic - the interaction of malabsorption and drugs - is discussed by Kendll (England). A number of Hungarian and foreign research groups examined the biotransformation and utilization of the P-450 dependent drugs. Klinger and his associates (GDR) studied the metabolism of drugs in peri- and postnatal periods and gave an account of their results. Further papers report on the kinetic data of new pharmaca. The book supplies valuable information for pharmacologists as well as for clinicians.

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JournalUnknown Journal
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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1976

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