Symposium on pharmacology of learning and retention

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This symposium on pharmacology of learning and retention dealt with synaptic mechanism in learning and retention; neurophysiological methods for the study of learning and memory; modification of learning and memory by chemical and electrical stimulation of the brain; rapid screening of drug actions on learning and memory; influence of cholinergic blocking agents on the inhibitory effect of ACTH 1-10 on extinction of a pole jumping avoidance response; effect of 2 methylimino 3 (2,6 dichlorophenyl) 4 methylthiazolidine (6YKI 20238) on learning performance; the intracellular regulation of the interneuronal connectivity; the macromolecular foundation of learning; modulation of learning and retention by amphetamines; analysis of the amnesic effect of anticholinergic drugs; the effect of hippocampal injection of atropine on the different phases of learning experiment; some physiological aspects of the 'Kamin deficit': impaired retention of passive avoidance conditioning by administration of alpha amanitin in the rat.

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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1974

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