Symmetry through the eyes of a chemist

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"This has to be the most delightful book on symmetry ever written!" F.L. Pilar, Elementary Quantum Chemistry "The book gives a fascinating overview of the rich variety of applications of symmetry, showing both its power and its aesthetic appeal." Science "Education by aesthetic appeal." Nature "The cosmopolitan eye... good-humored and clearly delighted by diversity, informs this entire book. The work offers a broad new perspective." Scientific American "In the refreshing style of scientists with an almost renaissance versatility." New Scientist "This beautiful book... looks at symmetry as a unifying theme in the nature of things." Mathematical Reviews " the reader a broad perspective..." The Mathematical Intelligencer "An outstanding book that succeeds admirably on a number of levels..." Bowker's Good Reading "I warmly recommend it to all chemists." Journal of Chemical Education "Succeeds not only in demonstrating how central [in] the study of all fields of chemistry symmetry consideration [is] but how these same concepts of symmetry can be traced through all our cultural traditions unifying and contrasting diverse endeavors in literature, music, and art." Journal of the American Chemical Society "The which I shall return frequently and with considerable pleasure." Chemistry and Industry.

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