1H NMR spectra and echoes in Pd-H and Pd-Ag-H alloys

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The paper presents the experimental results of rigid-lattice proton magnetic resonance spectra and second moments in Pd-H, Pd0.90Ag0.10-H, Pd0.80Ag0.20-H, Pd0.75Ag0.25-H, and Pd0.65Ag0.35-H alloys at T = 2.4 K in a wide hydrogen concentration range. Free induction decay (FID), solid and inhomogeneous echoes were detected and interpreted. The interpretation based on dipole-dipole interaction of homogeneously distributed proton spin system is satisfactory at high hydrogen concentration, but an inhomogeneous field of paramagnetic origin (most probably coming from Fe impurities) plays the dominant role at small hydrogen content. An unexpected correlation was found between the macroscopic magnetic susceptibility and the second moment coming from the inhomogeneous internal field.

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JournalJournal of Alloys and Compounds
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Publication statusPublished - Feb 14 2008



  • Hyperfine interactions
  • Magnetic measurements
  • Metal hydrides
  • Nuclear resonances

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