Subtypes of bovine adenovirus type 2 exhibit major differences in region E3

S. Belák, A. Virtanen, J. Zabielski, M. Rusvai, G. Berencsi, U. Pettersson

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The genomes of two adenovirus type 2 strains which were isolated from different hosts have been investigated. One of these strains designated ORT-111 was originally isolated from a lamb in Hungary during an outbreak of pneumoenteritis. This isolate was typed as bovine adenovirus type 2 (Ad bos 2) in a neutralization assay. The genome of ORT-111 was compared to that of the prototype strain of Ad bos 2, a virus which exclusively has been isolated from cattle. Electron microscopic heteroduplex analysis showed that 95% of the genomes were well matched, forming stable duplexes at Tm-6°. Two distinct substitution loops were, however, seen which were approximately 0.5 and 1.0 kbp long. The centers of the two loops were located 5.3 and 7.7 kbp from one end of the Ad bos 2 genome. In order to map these regions relative to the gene map of human adenovirus type 2 (Ad2), restriction enzyme cleavage fragments of the two bovine viruses were cloned and hybridized to different sets of restriction fragments of human Ad2. From these results it was apparent that the centers of the two substitution loops were located at coordinates 76 and 83, respectively; thus at positions which fall within region E3 and the adjacent gene for polypeptide VIII of human Ad2. The observed differences between the genomes of the two Ad bos 2 strains are in sharp contrast to those previously observed when the genomes of different human adenovirus serotypes were compared. In the latter case the hexon and the fiber genes showed the most pronounced variation.

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Publication statusPublished - Sep 1986


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