Elmerülés az élményben: a Tellegen-féle Abszorpció Skála vizsgálata egyetemista mintán

Translated title of the contribution: Submersion in the experience: The examination of the Tellegen Absorption Scale in an undergraduate university sample

Péter Simor, Ferenc Köteles, Róbert Bódizs

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The Tellegen Absorption Scale (TAS) measures the tendency for a specific information processing style, characterized by intensified immersion in the experience, where the representational system seems to be entirely dedicated to model the internal or external stimulus held in the focus of attention. Originally the TAS was developed to measure suggestibility and hypnotizability, but in the last decades it was associated with several personality dimensions, psychopathological and psychosomatic variables. Here we argue that absorption is only indirectly related to positive or negative mental phenomena. While absorption determines the mode of stimulus processing, the quality of the experience (positive or negative) depends fundamentally on the nature of the representational content. Hence, absorption can equally amplify the intensity of positive and negative experiences. In this study, using the questionnaire based data of 567 university students, we evaluate the psychometric properties of the Hungarian version of the TAS, we investigate its relationship with personality dimensions, and variables measuring psychopathological and psychosomatic vulnerability and finally we investigate its role in somatic symptom generation. Our results suggest that the Hungarian version of the 34-item TAS has adequate internal consistency; however, due to the low consistency of the subscales we suggest to use only the whole scale, setting aside from its documented subscale structure. The examination of the convergent validity of the scale - in concordance to previous findings - showed Absorption to be related to such personality dimensions as fantasy and emotional opennes. Moreover, absorption correlated positively with dissociative experiences, private self-conciousness, somatosensory amplification, somatic symptom severity, positive and negative affect, dream recall frequency and the effect of dreams on daytime mood. Our further results indicate that absorption is intimately related to the tendencies of symptom generation. Since in our view absorption reflects the information processing style of a stimuli, we hypothesize that if individuals characterized by higher levels of absorption focus on somatic, bodily sensations, enhanced symptom generation may occur.

Translated title of the contributionSubmersion in the experience: The examination of the Tellegen Absorption Scale in an undergraduate university sample
Original languageHungarian
Pages (from-to)101-123
Number of pages23
JournalMentalhigiene es Pszichoszomatika
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Jun 1 2011

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