Subcellular location of lincomycin resistance in Nicotiana mutants

Ágnes Cséplö, Lutz Eigel, Gábor V. Horváth, Péter Medgyesy, Reinhold G. Herrmann, Hans Ulrich Koop

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Lincomycin-resistant Nicotiana plumbaginifolia plastid mutants were considered also to carry mitochondrial mutations on the basis of their ability to grow in the dark under selective conditions. To clarify the role of mitochondria, individual protoplasts of the green, lincomycin-resistant N. plumbaginifolia mutant LR400 were microfused with protoplasts of the N. tabacum plastid albino line 92V37, which possesses N. undulata cytoplasm. The production of lincomycin-resistant albino cybrid lines, with N. undulata plastids and recombinant mitochondria, strongly indicated a determining role for mitochondria in the lincomycin resistance. Sequence analysis of the region encompassing putative mutation sites in the 26S rRNA genes from the LR400 and several other lincomycin-resistant N. plumbaginifolia mutants revelaed, however, no differences from the wild-type sequence. As an alternative source of the resistance of the fusion products, the N. tabacum fusion partner was also taken into account. Surprisingly, a natural lincomycin resistance of tobacco was detected, which was inherited as a dominant nuclear trait. This result compromises the interpretation of the fusion data suggested above. Thus, to answer the original question definitively, the mutant LR400 was crossed as a female parent with a N. plumbaginifolia line carrying streptomycin-resistant N. tabacum plastids. Calli were then induced from the seedlings. Occasional paternal plastid transmissions were selected as streptomycin-resistant calli on selective medium. These cell lines were shown by restriction enzyme analysis to contain paternal plastids and maternal mitochondria. They were tested for greening and growing ability in the presence of lincomycin. These resistance traits proved to be genetically linked and exclusively located in the plastids.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)163-170
Number of pages8
JournalMGG Molecular & General Genetics
Issue number2-3
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 1993


  • Lincomycin resistance
  • Microfusion
  • Nicotiana
  • Paternal plastid transmission
  • Plastid mutation

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    Cséplö, Á., Eigel, L., Horváth, G. V., Medgyesy, P., Herrmann, R. G., & Koop, H. U. (1993). Subcellular location of lincomycin resistance in Nicotiana mutants. MGG Molecular & General Genetics, 236(2-3), 163-170.