Subatomic-scale resolution with SPM: Co adatom on p(2 1)Cu(110):O

R. Turanský, K. Palotás, J. Brndiar, Y. J. Li, Y. Sugawara, I. Štich

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We study the limits of SPM subatomic resolution in imaging orbital magnetic features on a model system of a Co atom on a p(2 × 1)Cu(110):O surface. We show that scanning tunneling spectroscopies allow the determination of the occupation of the Co d shells and the value of the Hubbard U in the DFT + U modeling, and that standard near-contact AFM can in principle image the asymmetry due to partial filling of the d shells at close distances in the small-amplitude regime. Due to the partially ionic character of Co, a faint asymmetry is predicted to also arise in the electrostatic force. We anticipate these features to be even stronger for a transition metal adsorbate featuring larger departures from sphericality in charge/spin densities.

Original languageEnglish
Article number095703
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - Jan 4 2019


  • AFM
  • DFT
  • Hubbard U
  • STM
  • subatomic resolution
  • transition metal adatom

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    Turanský, R., Palotás, K., Brndiar, J., Li, Y. J., Sugawara, Y., & Štich, I. (2019). Subatomic-scale resolution with SPM: Co adatom on p(2 1)Cu(110):O. Nanotechnology, 30(9), [095703].